A lot of great insights, questions and experience – both new and existing – contributed to developing the new Archers Council bylaws. Some of them were included, some modified, some merged and some were excluded. 
 Archers Council is an Executive Committee made up of the Archer Council officers, the headmaster and a representative of each Standing Committee. It is responsible for improving coordination and managing the 501 (c) 3 entity. Each Standing Committee will have its own officers, budget and goals. ASC (Arches Support Comittee, Athletics Boosters, and Fine Arts Boosters will all be Standing Committee.
There will are AD Hoc committees created by the Executive Committee for specific purpose. Some examples are a “Facility and Grounds” committee and a “Public Relations” committee. The chairs of these committees are appointed by Executive Committee. The really good news is that all members are able to serve wherever they choose.

Please welcome and congratulate our Volunteer Leadership for 2016-17(18)!

Archers Council:
Chairman - OPEN
Secretary - Lisa Kelly (2016-18)
Finance Director - Shannon Federoff (2016-17)

Archers Athletic Boosters (2016-17):
President - Meghan Anderson
Vice President - LuAnn Edwards
Treasurer - Dawn Spitz
Secretary - Jennifer Whitfield
Communications Chair - Carmen Watson
Fundraising Chair - Christine Young

Fine Arts Booster (2016-17):
President - Christine Sheburne
Vice President/Secretary - open
Treasurer/Fundraising - open

TBD Committee (2016-17):
President - Julie Kimball
Vice President - OPEN
Secretary - Wendy Wells
Treasurer - Dauphine Pauloo

Ad Hoc committees:
Public Relations/Communications - OPEN
Fundraising  -Stacy Komendera
Facility and Grounds - Michelle Stephens

The new board will assume their respective roles on July 1, 2016. If you are interested in volunteering next year, please reach out to the members above in the area for which you would like to serve.